About Me

MyselfI am a Engineer specialized in Information Systems with more than 18 years in IT industry and Academia. I was a Sr. Database Administrator for more than ten years at DGI, Uruguayan Tax Administration Agency and I worked for more than three years as Project Manager focusing  in mobile technology and point of sale systems. 

I have a wide expertise in database systems. I worked with DBMS such as Informix, DB2 and Oracle, with plenty knowledge of database theory.

In the academia field, I am former associate professor at database chair in Universidad ORT Uruguay, with six year lecturing database theory and application courses.

Currently, I am enrolled in the CS PhD program at University of Colorado Denver. I am a graduate instructor at the CSE Department of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University of Colorado, Denver. Moreover, during Fall 2018 I participate as head of the CSE Mentor Program where we help undergraduate students to succeed through the computer science program.  I am also, part of the SysAdmin team responsible for the maintenance of the BDLab cluster, a 16 node cluster running mostly Hadoop and Big Data experiments. 

My research interests are mostly data management and indexing structures. Currently I focus on Big Data Point Cloud Data Management. 


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Specializations: Software development, Database Administration, Database Education, Big Data Systems.